Nothing is so disturbing, nothing can be so bitter and disheartening as to experience the result of our failure to develop love and compassion

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The egoism we develop in the physical world, without being willing to acquire self-knowledge, shows up when it is carried into spiritual worlds. Nothing is so disturbing, nothing can be so bitter and disheartening as to experience the result of our failure to develop love and compassion in the physical world. Ascending into the spiritual world, we are filled with anguish by the selfishness and lack of love we have achieved in the physical-sense world. When we cross the threshold, everything is revealed, not only the obvious but also the hidden egoism that rages in the depths of men’s souls. Someone who with outward egoism frankly insists that he wants this or that for himself is perhaps much less egoistic than those who indulge in the dream that they are selfless, or those who assume a certain egoistic self-effacement out of theosophical abstractions in their upper consciousness. This is especially…

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About compassion and egoism

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

Some say that sympathy (compassion, pity) can also come from egoism. That may be the case. Many kinds of sympathy only arise because one doesn’t want to see other people suffer. That’s even a good thing. It’s better for a man to help someone out of egotistical sympathy than not to help him at all. But we must learn to develop a sympathy that stands above egoism, that helps fellowmen because it’s one’s duty to help them.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 266 – From the Contents of Esoteric Classes – Berlin, 15th May 1908

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The secret life of the Liver

Liver-day3Yesterday was the Liver meditation day. The first day of a new serie about body forces/soul forces connections. A kind of new baby who still has to grow!…

I’m amazed about the working of those meditations. I was today feeling all day long the effect of it. I was feeling the power of the liver in its aspect that we called yesterday Jupiterian aspect: The one who sees the all situation and who has the energy to organize his life. The impulse to put things in order, to place each thing where it belongs.

I’m amazed to see how some meditations give back to one organ its power by reminding it its original function, before it could have been disturbed by the strange life one sometimes experiences…


This organ receives the pictures of how it should work. And the real magic is that the organ gets it! It gets it if the meditation is done in a right way, I mean with enough intensity and concentration: The mind is quick, but the body needs some insistence to step out of old programs and accept some new one.

The power of creating inner pictures is much bigger than what we usually think. That’s why it is so important to strive to nourish ourselves with pictures which help us. This power of meditation is endless and can always go deeper!


Soon will come the second part of this serie: The Heart!!! I will let you know.

Do you also have experienced in your life how inner pictures can be powerful? Leave a reply to share this, we all can learn from those experiences!

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Journey through the secret life of the organs.

5-elements2-copyAs doctor you’ve certainly started your study with at least two feelings: The wonder for the human body and the wish to help people .You sure help people every day but could you still keep this feeling of wonder for the human body?Perhaps you became such specialised that you’ve lost the contact with your patient as a whole.
Many times you may feel that the pains you’re helping have deeper roots in the psyche of the patient but that’s not your speciality and you keep silence about it.

You have developed objective knowledge but you‘re also a searcher in your inner world. You would like to find the link between objective scientist knowledge and inner contemplation of your psychic forces.

Or you’re a therapist (shiatsu, cranio-sacral, body-mind work…) and you would like to enlarge your perception of the organs you’re working with. Every knowledge which has been experienced becomes a tool for diagnose. You know that there is always more, always deeper and that you can always help on more and more layers.

Perhaps you are following some meditations courses which are all about stopping thinking to get deep inner experiences. And you ask yourself: What do I do with my thinking then?

Then this course is really for you!

I’ve been working since years on this topic. I started with oriental meditations but they couldn’t really answer to my very occidental mind. Through practicing shiatsu, visceral therapy, cranio-sacral therapy and in the same time developing meditations based on visualisations I’ve learned step by step to reconcile objective knowledge and intuitive inner knowledge. So there is a way for us, western minds to enlarge, enrich our knowledge and tape into our deepest soul’s forces.

We had to separate inner knowledge and outside knowledge in order to develop some science. This separation was necessary but it comes now to such a point that …it is just not possible any more. The human being is snipped into little parts, and is treated like a machine to be repaired. Which means that the human has almost disappeared from medicine.

If you don’t want to through away five centuries of science in order to become ‘’spiritual’’ then we can certainly work together.

My approach is the one of Goethe: It starts with the whole to go to the details. I’m using natural observation as a mean of visualisation. It leads to deep meditative experiences.

What do you experience? The archetypes of the human body. That means the psychic forces playing behind the organs. And it is really fascinating. Why? Because it is speaking about us. It is speaking about the forces which have made us and still are making us. It is diving deep into a world.

On this path inner knowledge and objective knowledge come together again.

Even much more: You learn that there is a path to build a kind of objectivity into the subjective world. That if you enter the inner world with a steady mind, trained to be clear and sharp with the intellect, then you can really learn to build references into your inner world as you did for the outside world.

Yes I know it is going against a very strong believe from scientist nowadays: That only outside knowledge can be objective. This believe has to be asked. It has to be asked not theoretically but through experiences.

Do you get interested?
Just inscribe for the course, end of this week, Saturday: Wisdom of the Organs. We start with the Liver.

For more information, click here.

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Or if you have any questions, just ask, I’m aware that I’m just saying very little of a huge subject with lot of implications, but unfortunately is writing only a line which tries to describe an all landscape. Any comment or question can be inspiring also for other!

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what my organs can teach me


The body is a magic box! The more you open it, the more there is! You go from wonder to wonder. It is impossible not to be amazed that such a complexity can work as a whole. It is impossible not to be amazed through the subtlety and perfection of any detail of it.

The body silently supports most of our behaviours, being harmonious or destructive. Think about the blood, staying at 37 degrees whatever the weather, hot or cold, whatever what you drink. Think how each bone is built to support a maximum of pression with a minimum of weight. Any bridge engineer could be jealous of it! Think about all those systems working constantly together: nervous, blood, muscles, glands,…maintaining the unity and coherence of the whole, any single moment.

The body can teach us great wisdom, great harmony, great social behaviour. It has always been described as a micro-cosmos. That means that all the forces of the universe are lying in one single body. That means that one single body is a Universe, perfect in itself!

I invite you to a journey through this wonder!

Since years I’m working with body-mind energies, feeling them, experiencing them and studying them. I invite you to a journey which would reconcile grey anatomy and physiology with intuitive energy knowledge. This has been my research for years. I couldn’t take for granted any traditional knowledge would it come from Traditional Chinese Medicine or from our traditional wisdom. I had to get the roots of those knowledges. On this way I could develop specific meditations allowing us to reach the deepest layers of this body’s wisdom.

Only your experiences can change your life, isn’t it? Cold distanciated knowledge has little influence on you until it eventually become an inner experience. Only strong experiences have deep influences. Only strong experiences have the power to change our lifes.

I will lead you to deep inner experiences of your organ’s system. Believe me, you will be surprised! The messages that one single organ contains can be of infinite deep wisdom. This wisdom is waiting silently to be discovered and reveal its secrets. It is available to us if we use the right tools to reach it.

We will start with the liver. According to the traditional Chinese medicine it is the organ corresponding with the season of Spring. Perhaps you will get why the eagle is coming every day eating the liver of Prometheus as pictured on the Greek vase you can see in the beginning of this text.

Are you ready for this journey? Contact me at 070 402 39 42 or via mail by clicking here.

Location: Praktijkcentrum de Morgenster, Laan van Meerdervoort, 352-A2563 BB Den Haag.
Date: Saturday 24 mei. From 10.00 to 17.00 (around). Bring some lunch with you. There is also a café in the neighbourhood. One hour lunch pause.
Price: €90,-

A good morning meditation is a good start!

oiseau3-copyIf you enjoy meditating within a group this message is for you:
here comes a morning with meditations and some short and simple physical exercises.

It will happen on Saturday 11 April from 9.00 till 10.00.

We keep it short and cheap: One hour maximum and only 5€, just for the costs of the location.


So if you want to feel relax in your body,

If you want to connect to your core and to bring that awareness into your daily actions,

Then it can be a really good start for the week-end!


Want to join?
Just send me a message or mail at

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PS: Bring friends!

Steps to know in a healing process

cheval Madeleine
Today I went to see my daughter at a horse show. Before the competition she would be blank from fear. But the moment she started she went into focus. Her transformation was beautiful to see: From a little afraid kid to a very concentrated being. Even the horse changed its attitude. A strong feeling of dignity was unifying them. After the competition she could finally relax and enjoy this great feeling of “I did it!’’

This all process from fear to focus to empowerment also occurs in any self-healing and transformative process. Any therapy knows its moments of doubts. Or better said, it is fear taking the mask of doubt. Then those kinds of thoughts would arise:
‘’I don’t really know if I will go on with this therapy’’
‘’Anyway it doesn’t work for me’’
‘’I need another kind of therapy, another therapist, etc.’’
Recognisable, isn’t it?
It’s like a horse lesson: It starts all good and suddenly you find yourself in a situation that you don’t really like any more.

This moment is very crucial in any transformative healing process. It actually means that the old structure which was making you sick is breaking down. But at that point nothing new has come yet in place of the old. It’s a moment of necessary chaos.

The understanding of the process helps you to find the courage to go through. If you know it in advance it is somehow okay. Courage is what you need at that moment.
But if you don’t know about the steps of healing, you just get lost and afraid and want to step back. It is very sad to see someone doing that. It is like stopping in the middle of the bridge. If you step back at that moment, fear wins and it becomes in the future more difficult to heal that inner part. Fear can take many kind of clever objections.

So in order to support your own healing process it is important to be aware of the following steps:

– 1. Meeting what’s going on without judgement. Here you learn to feel and see what happen in you as clear as possible.

– 2. Moment of chaos: accepting to lose the old pattern without knowing what could come in place of. Here is asked the courage to stay in the middle of a situation you don‘t really control any more.

-3. Creation of a new structure. The collapsing of the old and the confusion it has brought has created a space of new possibilities. In this potentiality you can meet your creative power. You realize that it can be much deeper and powerful than any limitative believes you had about yourself. You create a new pattern which gives you energy and power instead of the old one which was making you sick.

I hope that this little text can help you in your own healing process.
So if you encounter some chaos, don’t fear it, find courage to go through and enjoy to encounter your creativity!
Now, I’m curious to hear from you! Do you recognize anything said here that you would like to share? You can do it via this blog.



Organ’s wisdoom


We will see what we can learn from our body: A Lot!
My organs can be my life-spiritual teachers. They can teach me a profound wisdom. They can be a trustful guide in my daily life and even an example of inner development.
But how to approach them? How to become receptive to their messages?
By using some specific meditations we will be able to experience the body’s wisdom. We will meditate on picture of the perfect body, in which each part is in harmony with the other parts and with the whole. By meditating this models we will understand our role as rider, we will be in better state to take our true role towards the body: Being the rider who can give direction to life forces…
The physical body is a miracle that we usually ignore. As I walk, speak, work, look around, drink my coffee, walk outside a cold winter day or a hot summer day…my blood stays constantly at 37 degrees! How is that possible? Who is regulating this? Do I do it unconsciously or is it ‘’Nature’’ doing it. But what is nature then?
Whatever activity I’m busy with, my body is functioning. Even more: Whatever aggression I send to him, in term of bad food, coffee, stress, angriness, fears, cold, warmth, negative thinking…my body holds its integrity as good as it can, every moment, day and night, from conception to death…
We take this daily miracle for granted until it breaks into pain or sickness. We start them to pay attention to some part of it, the painful parts.
But what about honouring this beauty happening in us every single moment of the day?
I invite you for a little journey into this unseen daily miracle. I invite you to discover what your body is doing for you, every moment of the day, every moment of the night, every step you do.
Just think only one moment about all the functions, blood circulation, nervous system, digestive system, glandular system…all this systems being there, collaborating together and being ready to serve you!
Being ready to perform any action you project into the world, being ready to allow you to express your being into the physical world. By seeing this dedication of your own body towards yourself, don’t you start to experience a bit of gratefulness? And with a growing awareness, doesn’t this gratefulness just grow by itself?
Observing the complexity of a human body can be pretty overwhelming. That’s the reason why we will make very little steps. From this complexity I’ve extracted some specific simple pictures as mean of meditation.
We start next Monday with the element Air and the organ Lungs.

Questions, interest, inscription? Just contact me via mail at or phone me at 070 402 39 42